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Cut Nails - Masonry & Flooring Nails

A direct descendent of square-cut iron nails, the cut nails of today are large and strong and made of hardened steel. Tapered, rectangular-shaped shanks provide increased surface area for greater holding power, and blunt square points reduce splitting.

Cut Masonry Nails

Steel cut masonry nails are used to attach wood to cinder block, mortar joints, brick walls and fresh concrete. They are available in sizes ranging from 3d to 20d and lengths from 1-1/4" to 4"

Cut Flooring Nails

Cut flooring nails are crafted from tempered, hardened steel and are used to attach hardwood flooring to concrete subfloors. Care must be taken to ensure that the wide side of the nail is driven parallel to the grain of the wood to reduce the chances of splitting. Choose from 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" lengths and 4d-16d sizes.

AFT is proud to offer cut masonry and flooring nails from top brands. Request a quote to receive a competitively priced bid from our knowledgeable sales staff.

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