Flooring & Masonry Nails

Because they are called on to penetrate hard surface materials, including concrete, cinder block, brick and rock, flooring and masonry nails handle some of the toughest construction tasks. Consequently, flooring and masonry nails feature specialized design elements that increase their performance in challenging applications. For example, most flooring and masonry nails undergo a heat treatment process of hardening and tempering which greatly increases their durability and strength. Various shank styles designed for optimal holding power, including square cut, fluted, spiral and ring shanks, also serve to boost performance of flooring and masonry nails in tough base materials.

AFT carries the entire line of Grip-Rite non-collated flooring nails and non-collated masonry nails in bulk quantities. Browse through the Cut Nails, Flooring and Underlayment Nails, and Masonry Nail categories and narrow your search by using the filters on the left. In order to offer the most competitive price, please request a quote, and our sales staff will respond quickly. Should you have trouble locating the correct nail for your project, or if you have questions, please contact us. We’re here to help!