Deck Screw Plugs

Composite deck screw plugs are used to conceal the heads of screws that are used to fasten decking boards to the underlying joists or framing. When building a deck, screws are commonly used as they provide a secure hold compared to nails and are less likely to pop out over time. However, the exposed screw heads can detract from the appearance of the deck, especially if you want a smooth, uniform surface.

Deck screw plugs are small, cylindrical pieces made of the same material as the decking boards (typically wood or composite). They are designed to fit precisely into the holes drilled for the screws, effectively hiding them from view. This creates a clean, seamless look on the surface of the deck, enhancing its overall appearance.

Using deck screw plugs also helps protect the screw heads from moisture and debris, which can prolong the lifespan of the deck by preventing rust and corrosion. Additionally, they can provide a smoother surface for walking barefoot on the deck, as there are no protruding screw heads to catch on.