Taps and dies are metal threading tools that often work hand in hand. Taps make internal threads within a hole while dies create external threads on a round rod resulting in a male threaded piece that operates as a bolt. They are also often used for rethreading, or cleaning up existing threads, such as after a bolt undergoes a plating process.

Select a die that is the same diameter as the rod you will be threading. AFT offers a wide range of paired tap and die sets as well as individual dies made by Norseman Drill & Tool. You'll find adjustable dies and standard round dies as well as hex dies that allow for both tap wrench and die stock use when threading. Available in fractional, machine screw and metric sizes, dies are manufactured from high quality carbon steel for maximum durability and strength. We recommend using a quality cutting tool lubricant when threading with dies as it will improve thread quality while also extending the life of your tool. Rely on AFT for all of your machine cutting needs!