Threading dies are essential tools used in metalworking and machining processes to cut external threads on cylindrical workpieces. AFT Fasteners carry a diverse range of dies, including hex dies, round dies, and adjustable round dies, designed to accommodate various threading requirements. Dies are available in both metric and standard sizes and are typically crafted from high carbon steel or high-speed steel, ensuring durability, precision, and longevity.

Hex dies, characterized by their hexagonal shape, are primarily used to cut external threads on bolts, studs, or other workpieces. Their design allows for easy gripping and rotation using a wrench or die stock. Hex dies are available in a variety of sizes, catering to different thread pitches and diameters, both in metric and standard measurements.

Round dies, in contrast, are cylindrical tools utilized to cut external threads on rod-like or cylindrical workpieces. These dies excel in applications where precise threading is required, such as the production of screws, rods, or pipes. Round dies are available in various sizes and thread pitches, accommodating different threading needs in both metric and standard measurements. They can be used with die stocks or handles for proper alignment and ease of use.

Adjustable round dies offer enhanced versatility by allowing users to adjust the cutting diameter. Comprising several split circular sections held together by an adjustable screw mechanism, these dies enable the modification of the die diameter to suit different thread sizes within a specific range. Adjustable round dies eliminate the need for individual dies, making them suitable for scenarios where multiple thread sizes must be accommodated.

Threading dies can be manufactured from high carbon steel or high-speed steel (HSS). High carbon steel dies are cost-effective and provide good durability, making them suitable for most general-purpose threading applications. On the other hand, high-speed steel dies offer increased hardness, heat resistance, and wear resistance, making them ideal for demanding tasks or when working with tough materials like stainless steel or hardened alloys. The choice of material depends on the specific threading operation's requirements and the materials being threaded.

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