Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves protect worker's hands from irritants and contaminants, and when used for food service applications or medical exams and procedures, they prevent cross-contamination between the food server or caregiver and the person receiving food or care. AFT carries a wide range of disposable gloves suitable for work-related jobs in the laboratory and health care industry, food service industry, industrial plants and machine shops.

Choosing a Disposable Glove

Peruse our offerings to find gloves in a variety of grades and thicknesses for your light duty task. Powdered gloves are easy to pull on and off, but the powdering agent can cause complications during medical procedures, so they are not recommended where they will come in contact with open wounds. Choose vinyl disposable gloves, clear polyethylene gloves, or latex disposable gloves for food service or general purpose tasks. Medical grade nitrile gloves are often preferred for surgical procedures. Though a little more costly, nitrile gloves offer many benefits. They do not cause the same sort of irritations that latex gloves cause for allergy sufferers, and they stand up to heavy use while still allowing for dexterity and sensitivity in tasks that require it.

Care should be taken to ensure that there are no holes or punctures in the gloves that would compromise the effectiveness of their protection. Colored gloves make it easier to spot defects in the glove once it is placed on the hand. Compromised gloves should be discarded and hands should be washed before donning another pair. For extra protection, double gloves can be worn.

Many of our gloves are sold in bulk quantities for industries where frequent glove changes are necessary. With sizes ranging from small to 2XL and trusted brands such as Ansell, Boss and Kimberly Clark, you're sure to find the right disposable glove for your workplace.