Drill & Tap Sets

With a convenient drill bit and tap set by Norseman Drill & Tool on hand, you'll always have the coordinating drill bit and tap sizes you need for your project. Available in spiral point and straight flute sets stored in either a vinyl pouch or rugged steel index case.

How to Use a Drill and Tap Set

1. To create a new hole or new threads in an existing hole, you must first drill a hole, or re-drill an existing one. Select the proper drill bit size by referring to the tap and drill chart that is supplied with your set.

2. Insert the shank of the appropriate tap size into a tap wrench. Place the tip of a plug or taper shank tap at the tip of the hole. While positioning the tap as perpendicular as possible, twist the tap while applying firm pressure. Even a small deviation from perpendicular will amplify as the hole is threaded, resulting in an angled hole that is improperly threaded. Remember to break the chips loose as you work by turning the tap in reverse by 1/2 a turn after every 2-3 full forward turns.

3. Be sure to use cutting lubricant as you work to reduce heat build-up caused by friction and to improve thread quality.

3. Continue twisting until the entire hole is threaded.

4. When creating a blind hole, or a hole that doesn't go all the way through, you may choose to either finish the threading off with a bottoming tap or drill the hole slightly deeper than the thread length necessary to accommodate for the angle at the tip of the tap.

5. Clean out chips and debris.