Drop In Concrete Anchors

Drop in anchors consist of a tubular expansion shield that is pre-assembled with an internal, cone-shaped expansion plug. They often also feature a smooth, flangeless top that allows for flush embedment. Intended for use in concrete, drop in anchors are useful when a bolt needs to be inserted and removed as well as for any application that requires a flush-mounted anchor, such as suspending ductwork, electrical cable trays or sprinkler pipe or heads. Concrete drop in expansion anchors come in a variety of styles, from mini drop ins that allow for shallow embedment to standard knurled anchors that offer exceptional holding power.

Choosing a Concrete Drop In Anchor

Whether made from steel or stainless steel, AFT offers drop-in concrete anchors in diameters ranging from 3/8" to 3/4". In addition, by selecting the "Setting Tools & Bits" option under the "Product Type" menu to the left, you can shop for the appropriately-sized setting tools and drill bits that are required for installing concrete drop in anchors. 

How to Install Drop In Anchors

1. Using a masonry bit with the same diameter as the anchor, drill hole slightly deeper than the anchor length.
2. Clean hole of debris using compressed air or a blow out bulb.
3. Insert the drop in anchor and hammer until it is flush with the top of the surface.
4. Select the correct setting tool* (the outside diameter of the tool must be the same as the anchor’s diameter). Expand the anchor by hitting the setting tool until the shoulder is flush with the anchor.

How to Measure Drop In Anchors

How to Measure Drop In Anchors

The AFT catalog includes concrete drop in anchors from Powers Fasteners, Power Bull and other trusted vendors in both small and bulk quantities. Should you need assistance with finding a particular anchor or would like to place a special order, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help!