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Drywall screws, or sheetrock screws, are specialized self-tapping screws that usually feature a bugle head that is designed to attach drywall to studs, and a phosphate finish. In the construction industry, sheetrock screws have many alternative uses because they are relatively inexpensive, feature a flat head that is less prone to getting pulled through the wood, and thin, making these self tapping sheetrock screws less likely to split the wood. They are available with a coarse thread, fine thread, high-low pattern thread, and sometimes feature a trim head rather than a bugle head. As a distributor, AFT is your supplier for convenient small package sizes as well as cost-effective bulk packages. Please contact us today with any questions – our knowledgeable sales team is here to help!

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Coarse Thread Drywall Screws

Screws with a bugle head, spaced threads, an extra sharp point, and a black phosphate finish. They are similar in design to particle board screws, however those are available in shorter lengths. They are good for attaching drywall to wood studs or to 25 gage metal studs.

Fine Thread Drywall Screws

Screws with a bugle head, twinfast thread, extra sharp or self-drilling point, and black phosphate finish. The sharp point style is used for attaching drywall to metal studs from 25 gage through 20 gage thick, whereas the drill point will drive easily though drywall, drill a hole in a steel stud up to 14 gage thick, and form its own mating thread. The drill point drywall screw can also be used for attaching plywood or insulation board to 14 gage metal.

High-Low Drywall Screws

Bugle head self-tapping screws with a double-lead, consisting of a high and low thread, and an extra sharp point. They frequently are supplied with a phosphate finish. The high-low drywall screw requires less torque to drive compared to a standard twinfast drywall screw, and commonly used for attaching drywall to light metal or wood applications. The high-low thread design is more resistant to vibration and therefore reduces the chance of heads popping,  

Trim Head Drywall Screws

Self-tapping screws that have a twinfast thread, extra sharp point, and countersunk flat head of a width with 1/3 less than a standard drywall screw. They are most frequently used for attaching wood framing of up to 20 gage thick. Trim head drywall screws are offered with a phillips drive or square drive, though the square drive style is preferred when greater torque is needed during installation. It is important to note that there is no single standard for trim head drywall screw dimensions. Dimensions may vary between brands.

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