Lag Shield Anchors - Expansion Shields

Lag shields designed for anchoring into concrete, block and brick, and are available in many different styles, including lag screw shields and machine screw shields. It should be noted that to ensure proper expansion, each shield anchor should be used in conjunction with the appropriate screw - Lag screws for lag shields and machine screws for machine screw anchors. AFT also offers 2-part expansion shields.

Expansion Shields & Lag Shields

Lag shield screw anchors come in two lengths. Short lag shield screw anchors are designed for use in high-grade concrete or in applications where a longer shield is not an option due to a thin base material. Conversely, a long lag shield screw anchor is required when anchoring in lower grade base materials where it's added length delivers extra anchoring power. The external radial ribs on the shield also add strength to the holding power of the anchor. Once installed, the screw may be removed and re-inserted, though the holding value of the anchor may be reduced with repeated removals. Expansion and machine screw shields are pre-assembled, two-part units and are available in double or single ended styles. A single expansion anchor consists of two parts, the anchor body and an expansion nut, while a double anchor has an expansion nut on each end ensuring even expansion along the entire anchor body.

AFT offers lag shield screw anchors in bulk and small package quantities and various anchors from Powers Fasteners, including the ICC-ES code listed Snake+ line, and other trusted vendors. Contact us if you have any questions!