Extra Length Drill Bits (Long Boy Drill Bits)

Also known as long boy drills or contractor's long boys, extra length drill bits are most commonly used for drilling deep holes or in hard to reach areas. AFT carries Type XGT-AG heavy-duty extra length drill bits and Type 160 & 165 long boy drill bits that are made in the USA by Norseman Drill and Champion Cutting Tool.

Type XGT-AG Premium Heavy Duty Extra Length Drills

These high speed steel extra length drills feature a 135-degree split point that allows for non-slip starting even in the hardest of materials. Designed with wide land construction, the heavy duty drills deliver outstanding performance in deep hole drilling applications where the drill will penetrate 12 or more diameters deep without having to remove the drill for clearing out the chips. Type XGT-AG extra length drills are available in fractional sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" and in 6", 9" and 12" lengths.

Type 160 and 165 Long Boy Drill Bits

High speed steel extra length long boy drill bits are available in a variety of fractional sizes in 12" or 18" lengths. With a 118-degree point and a bright finish, these general purpose straight shank drills are suitable for deep hole-drilling applications requiring small to medium diameter holes.

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