Eye Nuts

Commonly used in the lifting and rigging industry, eye nuts are internally threaded fasteners used for lifting and securing cables, wires and chains. Lifting eye nuts are available in different styles including oval-shaped, round shaped, and drop-forged eye nuts and manufactured to USS or DIN 582 specifications.  They are most commonly made from forged carbon steel and zinc plated or hot dipped galvanized or from stainless steel. It’s important to know the work limit needed for your application when choosing an eye nut, as the work rated capacities available from AFT ranges from 260 pounds up to 40,000 pounds. Buy in bulk or small quantities with metric and UNF sizes starting at 3/4” inside diameter up to 4” inside diameter. As always, please contact us today if you have any questions or can’t find the exact product you need, as we have many products not currently listed on our website.