Finishing Nails

Finishing nails, sometimes referred to as bullet-head or lost-head nails, are used for finish work in the construction industry. Lighter than common nails, finish nails have a small, "stepped" head that is designed to be driven below the wood surface, or countersunk, when installing paneling and trim. The hole left by the nail head is then filled so that the nail becomes invisible.

Non-Collated Finishing Nail Selection

Use the menus to the left to narrow your search for the correct nail for your project. Options include sizes ranging from 2d to 20d and your choice of either a smooth or spiral ardox shank, should you require additional holding power. Finishing nails from Grip-Rite are available in several finishes including bright uncoated steel, electroplating, gold dichromate plate and hot dipped galvanized. All Grip-Rite hot dipped galvanized nails conform to the ASTM A153 standard. In order to receive the most current and competitive pricing on bulk non-collated finish nails, request a quote from our knowledgeable sales staff.