Forstner Drill Bits

Forstner drill bits are a type of woodworking drill bit that is designed to create flat-bottomed holes with clean, precise edges. They are commonly used when a clean and accurate hole with a flat bottom is required, such as when installing dowels or creating recesses for hardware like hinges.

Here are some key features of Forstner drill bits:

  • Cutting Geometry: Forstner bits have a cylindrical shank with a central point and cutting edges around the periphery. The cutting edges are typically toothed or have a wave-like design.

  • Flat Bottom Holes: Unlike standard twist drill bits that create conical holes, Forstner bits are specially designed to create flat-bottomed holes. This makes them ideal for woodworking applications where precise and clean holes are necessary.

  • Guided Cutting: Forstner bits often have a center spur that helps to guide the bit during drilling and prevent wandering or drifting off the desired path. This ensures accuracy and control while drilling.

  • Multiple Diameters: Forstner bits are available in a range of diameters, allowing you to choose the appropriate size for your specific project needs.

It's worth noting that Forstner bits are primarily used in woodworking applications and are less commonly used in metal or other materials. They are typically used with a drill press or handheld drill fitted with a drill guide or jig to ensure stability and precision while drilling.