Heavy Duty Staples

A heavy-duty staple, also known as a heavy-gauge staple, is a type of fastener used to secure materials together by driving it through the materials and folding the legs of the staple over the materials to hold them in place. These staples are typically larger and stronger than standard staples and are designed for more demanding applications where a greater amount of holding power is required.

Heavy-duty staples are commonly used in various settings, such as construction, carpentry, upholstery, and in offices for tasks that involve attaching thick or multiple layers of materials. They are often used with heavy-duty staplers or specialized stapler guns that can accommodate these larger staples. Heavy-duty staples come in different sizes and materials, with some being suitable for attaching fabric or upholstery, while others are designed for securing construction materials or heavy cardboard.

These staples are available in various shapes and sizes, including flat crowns or round crowns, and they are made from different materials, such as steel or stainless steel, depending on the specific application. The choice of heavy-duty staple depends on the materials being fastened and the intended use, and using the appropriate staple for the job is important to ensure a secure and durable fastening.