Lag Screws

A lag screw is a full-bodied bolt with a hex head, spaced threads, and a gimlet point. They are generally used to connect heavy lumber and other materials that bear an intense load. Zinc plated screws should be used for wood in non-corrosive environments, while hot dipped galvanized screws can be used in corrosive environments, such as an outdoor deck. For even more protection, consider using stainless bolts.

Thread Length: The minimum thread length for standard lag screws shall be equal to ½ the nominal screw plus .5” or 5”, whichever is shorter. Screws too short for this formula shall be threaded as close to the head as practical.

Lag Screw Applications

Fully threaded lag screws are designed specifically for attaching track brackets and flag brackets of garage door assemblies to wooden door jams. They are a fully threaded fastener with a spaced thread pitch, tapered point, and an integrally formed hex washer head with an indented top surface.

AFT is a distributor of lag screws for wood, offering diameters ranging from ¼” through 7/8” and lengths up to 24”. For additional information or assistance, please contact us today – our knowledgeable sales team is here to help.

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