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Open End Wrenches

Versatile and easy-to-use, an open end wrenches feature a u-shaped design that allows it to slide into position from the side of a nut or bolt rather than over the top as a box-end wrench does. The arms of the head grip two opposite faces of a bolt or nut for turning. The head of an open-end wrench, or open-end spanner, is commonly offset by 15-degrees to the axis which allows the wrench to be flipped over to achieve a greater range of movement in tight spaces. Specialty open end wrenches, such as set screw wrenches, engineer wrenches and hydraulic angle wrenches, offer other variations of head placement, including 22-1/2-degree, 30-degree and 60-degree offset as well as straight to suit the applications for which they are intended.

Open End Wrench Options

In addition to a single-end wrench, open-end wrenches are often manufactured with double-ends, effectively providing two tools in one. The ends typically vary by one size increment. Thick or thin-head wrenches are also available to suit a variety of situations. Choose a chrome or industrial black finish for your open-end wrench. Because the arms of open-ended wrenches only grip two sides, it is essential that the correct size be used. If the selected wrench opening is too large for the fitting, the wrench will slip, rounding the edges of the fastener being adjusted. AFT is proud to offer the full line of professional quality open-end wrenches and open-end wrench sets made in the USA by Martin Tools. Contact us today for help finding the right wrench for your project or for a quote on bulk quantities.

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