Piloted Drill Bits

Pilot point drill bits, also known as self-centering drill bits, are a type of cutting tool used for drilling holes in various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. They have a unique design that includes a small point at the tip, followed by a wider cutting area.

The purpose of the pilot point is to provide precise and accurate drilling by ensuring that the bit stays centered on the desired drilling location. The point acts as a guide, preventing the bit from wandering or slipping off the mark when starting the hole. This self-centering feature is particularly useful when drilling on smooth or hard surfaces where it can be challenging to maintain accuracy.

The wider cutting area behind the pilot point consists of sharp flutes or grooves that help to remove material as the bit rotates. These flutes can vary in number, depending on the size and type of the drill bit. Pilot point drill bits are available in various sizes, from small diameters used for fine woodworking to larger sizes suitable for heavy-duty drilling.

Pilot point drill bits are commonly used in applications where precision is crucial, such as cabinetry, furniture making, electrical work, and metal fabrication. They are often used with power drills or drill presses but can also be used with handheld tools. When using pilot point drill bits, it is essential to apply steady pressure and use proper drilling techniques to avoid breakage and achieve clean, accurate holes.