Pin Anchors

AFT carries pre-formed, pre-expanded pin mechanical anchors from Powers Fasteners that are vibration resistant.

Spike Line

The Spike line from Powers pin anchor products features an “s” shaped design that acts as an expansion mechanism allowing for easy installation. Available in both zinc-plated carbon steel and 316 stainless steel, Spike Pin Anchors come in a variety of head styles including tamper-proof mushroom head, flat head, and tie-wire. Diameters span the ¼” to ½” range, and 1” to 6-1/2” lengths are available.  

Drive Line

The carbon steel Drive line from Powers pin anchors is ideal for use in concrete and stone. Tie-wire Drive Anchors are perfectly suited to suspended ceiling applications, while the flat-head, countersunk style is ideal for wood-to-concrete anchoring situations. Other applications that would benefit from quick and permanent anchoring would be suitable for round head Drive anchors.

All styles of pin mechanical anchors are available in both package quantities as well as cost-effective bulk containers. If you need assistance with finding a certain pin anchor, or if you would like a quote for custom plating, our knowledgeable sales representatives will be happy to help.