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Commonly used in plumbing applications, the pipe wrench is used for turning soft iron pipes and fittings. The adjustable jaw design features angled teeth that dig into soft pipe for a sure grip that self-tightens with slight forward pressure while the long handle provides a high degree of leverage. Pipe wrenches should not be used on hardened steel hex nuts as they can ruin the flats and round the edges. Though in situations where a fastener has become so rounded that a traditional wrench is no longer effective, a pipe wrench can be used to break the fastener free.

Also known as a Stillson Wrench, referencing the original patent holder's brand name, pipe wrenches are sized according to the length of the handle. AFT offers sizes ranging from 6" to 48" with either a heavy duty cast iron handle or a lightweight cast aluminum handle. The heads are constructed of steel. In addition to straight pipe wrenches by trusted brands such as Lenox Tools and American-made Martin Tools, you'll also find pipe wrench parts, including hook jaws, nuts, handles and flat springs, for making budget-friendly repairs on broken pipe wrenches.

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