Plow Bolts

Plow bolts get their name from the snowplow, which is one of the most common uses for this type of bolt. The top of the head can be flat for plows or dome shaped for dozers/grazers. Plow bolts are frequently mistaken for carriage bolts because of their square neck; however, carriage bolts are typically used for smaller equipment, including snowplows attached to pick-up trucks.

Over the years there have been many types and variations of plow bolts. Currently, ASME Standards only recognizes a few remaining types.

Plow Bolt Head Types

#3 Plow Bolts - Flat, round head with a square neck. This bolt is used for tractors and other heavy equipment. This is the standard plow bolt used by Caterpillar.

#4 Plow Bolts - Flat, square head and is the type of plow bolt most used in snowplows.

#7 Plow Bolts - Flat, Round Head, Reverse Key – This bolt is commonly used on bucket tooth excavators to scoop dirt.

Clipped Head Plow Bolts - The head diameter is reduced at opposite sides with equal sized sections removed, leaving two flat sides. This style is most found on agricultural equipment.

Elliptical Head / Contour Head Plow Bolts – Elongated head and are used in cultivator applications.

Plow Bolt Material Grades

Grade-5 plow bolts are made from a medium-grade, heat-treated carbon steel.

Grade-8 plow bolts are made from heat-treated alloy steel and provide greater tensile and proof load strength. The most popular uses for Grade-8 are bulldozers and snowplow blades.

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