Calipers: Mitutoyo 0-4" Digimatic Caliper wih SPC Output

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Mitutoyo 0-4" Digimatic Caliper with Absolute Encoder, Series 500 w/ SPC Output (Qty. 1)

3.00 LBS

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    Product Description

    This digimatic caliper with absolute encoder from Mitutoyo always remembers its measuring position even after the gage has been turned off. It also offers SPC data output, inch/mm conversion and an impressively long battery life when used in normal working conditions.

    Additional Features:

    • Allows setting of an origin starting point to be used as a reference point in subsequent measurements. Once set, the Absolute Encoder caliper will switch on showing its true position from the origin point rather than the standard 0.0000.
    • Allows the display to be Zero-Set at any point along the slider for incremental comparison measurements.

    Other Details

    Product Type:
    Electronic Calipers
    SPC Output
    Manufacturer Part #:
    Measurement Type:
    Inch & Metric
    Additional Features:
    .075 Round Depth Bar"

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