Used by woodworkers, cabinetmakers, furniture craftsmen, hobbyists and homeowners, a rasp is an essential woodworking tool used for shaping wood and soft metals. Though many different types of rasps exist, the two most common types are cabinet rasps and wood rasps. Cabinet rasps have finer teeth for a smoother finish, and wood rasps have coarser teeth for greater stock removal. As a supplier of rasps and files, AFT provides a huge selection and sizes from brand names like Mercer Abrasives. Search our selection of woodworking tools or contact us today if you can’t find the exact tool you need – our experienced sales team is available to help!

Types of Rasps

Cabinet Rasps

Half round cabinet rasps are primarily used by woodworkers and cabinetmakers. These woodworking rasps are similar to the half round wood rasp but with finer teeth for a smoother finish. Cabinet rasps are available with either a smooth cut or second cut (medium), and available in 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch lengths.

Horseshoe Rasps with Tang (File/Rasp Combo)

Horseshoe rasps, also known as a farriers rasp, are primarily used by blacksmiths and farriers (horseshoers) for racetrack and riding horses. This unique rasp combo features rasp teeth on one side and file teeth on the other side with a single cut on the edges.

Needle Rasp Set

This 6-piece needle rasp set is excellent for woodworking, carving, and sculpting. Each needle raps is 6-1/4” in length and includes one of the following: Flat Needle Rasp, Half Round Needle Rasp, Round Needle Rasp, Square Needle Rasp, Taper Needle Rasp, and Warding Needle Rasp.

Riffler Rasp Set

This double-ended 8-piece riffler rasp set is a must for woodworking, carving, and sculpting, and can be used on ferrous metals, iron bar, metal, plastics, stainless steel and wood. The rasp set has curved tips, which is great to use on those hard-to-reach places. The collection includes 8 of the most popular styles including: ½ Round Bastard Cut (Coarse), ½ Round Second Cut (Medium), ½ Round Smooth Cut, ½ Round Bastard Cut (Coarse), Round, Bastard Rasps (Coarse), Knife, and Three Square.

Shoe Rasps

Half-round 4-in-1 shoe rasps are an all-in-one file/rasp combo used by homeowners, hobbyists, and shoe makers. This combo rasp features a file and rasp section on both the flat and the half-round sides. Choose between an 8 inch or 10 inch rasp.

Wood Rasps

Wood rasps are used by woodworkers, cabinetmakers, and furniture craftsmen. This woodworking tool features uniform, individually formed teeth in a variety of styles including: Flat Bastard (Coarse), Flat Smooth, Half-Round Bastard, Half Round Smooth, and Round Bastard (Coarse). Lengths range from 8 inch through 14 inch.