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Roofing Nails

Nails designed for roofing applications are generally short with a broad, flat head which offers an extended bearing surface and holding power. They are intended for use in attaching slate, synthetic shingles, and roofing tiles to roof battens or sheathing. Smooth shank copper varieties are suitable for securing copper flashing and decorative copper roofing elements. Bulk non-collated roofing nails are availabe in smooth, barbed or ring shank styles with lengths ranging from 1/2" to 4". Electrogalvanized or hot dipped galvanized finishes offer protection from the elements while painted nails can be matched to blend with the roofing material.

Roofing Nail Types

Roofing nails can also be purchased with a neoprene washer which serves to form a water-resistant seal when used on steel or other flat roofing surfaces. As with standard roofing nails, neoprene washer nails are available in colors to coordinate with typical metal roofing hues, including red, gray, brown, black and white.

Lead head nails are designed exclusively for installing metal roofing. The smooth, 10-gauge shank drives in quickly and the bulging head flattens upon impact to create a water-resistant seal on metal roofing panels. Available in 1-3/4" or 2-1/2" lengths with a bright uncoated finish.

Finally, tile nails are specialty nails designed for use with clay roofing tiles. Featuring a long shank that is sturdy enough to insert through the predrilled hole in Spanish tile, its oversized head prevents the nail from going all the way through the hole. Electrogalvanized bulk non-collated tile nails are available in either 8 or 9 guage, and lengths range from 4" to 6".

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