Sanding & Polishing Hand Pads

From non-abrasive basic cleaning to aggressive stripping, hand pads are great to use on those hard-to-reach areas or when extra care is needed. The non-woven abrasive pads feature synthetic fibre impregnated with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grain. They are designed to prevent snagging and tearing, and will not rust or oxidate.  All sanding and polishing pads are washable, reusable, and most pads can be used with solvents or detergents. AFT offers hand pads ranging from non-abrasive to coarse for a wide range of applications. Shop our selection of sanding and finishing hand pads or contact us to request a quote. Our experienced sales team is available to help!

Color-Coded Hand Pads by Application

Industrial Strength Hand Pad Uses

White: Non-abrasive pad for polishing and light cleaning

Grey: Ultra-Fine silicon carbide abrasive pad for cleaning and finishing. Can be used with mild detergents.

Maroon: Very-fine aluminum oxide abrasive pad for basic cleaning and finishing. May be used with most solvents.

Green: Industrial-fine aluminum oxide abrasive pad for removing rust and corrosion. May be used with most solvents.

Black: Medium aluminum oxide abrasive pad for heavy-duty cleaners or fast acting finishing. May be used with most solvents.

Tan: Coarse aluminum oxide abrasive pad for stainless steel, aluminum, and for stripping.

Utility Pad Uses

White: Light-duty, non-abrasive pad – equivalent to a cleansing pad. Ideal for general cleaning jobs on ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, and chrome.

Blue: Medium-duty, mildly abrasive pad. For use on scuffs and finishes requiring more than a light pad. Effective for scrubbing tile, cleaning boats and swimming pools, and removing marks from floors, stairs, and walls.

Brown: Heavy-duty abrasive. For aggressive cleaning of floors, baseboards, and corners. Removes old finishes and wax build-up.