Silver & Deming Drill Bits - Reduced Shank

Silver and Deming drill bits, also known as reduced-shank bits, have straight shanks that are smaller than the diameter of the bit. Generally, these bits are 6-inches long with a standard 1/2-inch shank. Interestingly, the name Silver & Deming originates with the Silver & Deming Manufacturing Co., who began producing reduced-shank drill bits in the late 18th century. Though they didn't patent the idea, others began imitating their design, and thus the bit still bears the name of the company that first produced it. Shop AFT for a variety of Silver & Deming drills and drill bit sets crafted in the USA by Norseman Drill & Tool.

Choosing a Silver & Deming Drill Bit

Gold Surface Treated Premium Silver & Deming Drills

With solid, one-piece construction and a precision ground point, flute, body and clearance, these premium drills deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding applications. The 1/2" reduced shank Silver & Deming drills possess 3-flats on the shank and are gold surface treated for maximum lubricity and speed.

Choose from two point styles. Premium Silver & Deming drills with 135-degree split points are recommended for use in work-hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal applications. Manufactured from special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel, they are available in both fractional sizes from 33/64" to 1-1/2" as well as metric diameters from 14mm to 25mm. Drills with a 118-degree split point are crafted from M2 high speed steel and are ideal for heavy-duty drilling in metal, wood and plastic. Fractional sizes from 33/64" to 1-1/4" are available. In addition, Silver & Deming drill bit sets in both point styles are available.

3/4" Reduced Shank Premium Silver & Deming Drills

With the same premium construction and gold surface treatment as the 1/2" shank drills listed above, these drills differ in their 3/4" reduced shank which is specially designed for drilling with Bridgeport style production machines with 3/4" chucks. The high performance specialty drills are available in fractional sizes ranging from 13/16" to 1-1/2".

Super High Speed M42 Cobalt Silver & Deming Drills

M42 high speed steel contains 8% cobalt which increases the hot hardness of the steel and allows for drill speeds that are 30% higher than standard HSS drills. Cobalt Steel Silver & Deming bits have a 135-degree split point and a gold finish treatment, making them suitable for drilling hard metals, free machining stainless steel, titanium, high temperature alloys and some plastics. They have a 1/2" reduced straight shank. With an overall length of 6", fractional sizes of M42 Silver & Deming drills are sold individually and in assorted drill bit sets.

Maintenance Length Silver & Deming Drills

With an overall length of 5", Maintenance-Length Silver & Deming drills were specifically designed for the demands of the MRO market. The slightly shorter length imparts a rugged toughness to the bit, and the 135-degree split point delivers fast hole starts every time. The 1/2" reduced shank features three flats to ensure non-slip positive chucking. In addition to a 4-pc drill bit set, maintenance length Silver & Deming drills are available in fractional sizes from 33/64" to 1".

General Purpose Silver & Deming Drills

Useful for general purpose applications requiring a short, rigid drill, these high speed general purpose drills feature a 118-degree point. The straight 1/2" reduced shank fits equipment 1/2" chucks. Fractional sizes from 33/64" to 1-47/64" are available.