Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchors are mechanical fasteners used to secure objects to concrete, masonry, or other solid surfaces. They consist of a cylindrical metal sleeve with external threads and a cone-shaped end. The sleeve is usually made of steel, and the anchor is designed to expand and grip the surrounding material when tightened. They are similar to lag shield expansion anchors.

Here's how concrete sleeve anchors typically work:

  1. Drilling: A hole is drilled into the material where the anchor will be installed. The diameter of the hole should match the size of the sleeve anchor.
  2. Inserting the anchor: The sleeve anchor is inserted into the hole, with the cone-shaped end going in first. The length of the sleeve should be sufficient to accommodate the thickness of the material being fastened.
  3. Tightening: A wrench or socket is used to tighten the nut on the exposed threaded end of the anchor. The nut tightens and pulls the cone-shaped end into the sleeve which causes the sleeve to expand. The expansion creates a secure grip within the hole.
  4. Load-bearing: Once fully tightened, the sleeve anchor provides a strong connection point. It can support a load by transferring the force to the surrounding material through friction and expansion.

Sleeve anchors are commonly used for applications such as securing structural components, attaching equipment, mounting fixtures, or fastening items to concrete walls or floors. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can provide reliable anchoring in various conditions.

It is essential to select the right size and type of sleeve anchor. This depends on the weight and purpose of the item that needs to be secured. Additionally, consider the material of the surface you're anchoring into and ensure it is suitable for the installation of sleeve anchors. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper installation.

AFT offers type 304 stainless steel sleeve anchors for concrete and brick applications as well as zinc plated carbon steel anchors.

Steel Anchors for Concrete & Brick

Sleeve anchors are available in various head styles including: hex washer, round, and flat head. They are also available in rod hangar and acorn nut styles.

The anchors come in various sizes and lengths. The diameter ranges from 1/4" to 3/4", and the lengths span from 5/8" to 8-1/2".

Most concrete and brick anchors can be purchased in convenient small quantities or bulk cartons. If you are in need of assistance or if you would like a quote for custom plating, please let us know. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help!

Lines of Sleeve Anchors

DeWalt POWER-BOLT®+ Sleeve Anchor- The Power-Bolt+ anchor is a heavy-duty sleeve-style anchor that operates under torque control. It is specifically engineered to deliver consistent performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete. This anchor is suitable for use in normal-weight concrete as well as lightweight concrete.

Its construction features a zinc-plated carbon steel bolt, sleeve, cone, and expansion clip. The Power-Bolt+ is designed with a low-profile finished hex head, ensuring a compact appearance. Moreover, it incorporates a full-size thick bearing sleeve that enhances its shear connection capabilities, allowing for increased load capacity.

DeWalt LOK-BOLT AS® Sleeve Anchor- The Lok-Bolt AS is a pre-assembled sleeve anchor constructed entirely of steel. This single-unit anchor is specifically designed for installation in concrete or masonry base materials. It offers versatility through its availability in multiple head styles, catering to various applications and ensuring a polished look upon completion. Furthermore, if longer lengths are required, anchor extender sleeves can be conveniently added to accommodate specific needs.

DeWalt POWER-BOLT® Sleeve Anchor - The Power-Bolt anchor is a durable, self-locking sleeve-style anchor that provides vibration resistance and is easy to remove. It comes with options of a finished hex head or a flat head with a hex key insert. Suitable for use in concrete, block, brick, or stone, it expands in two locations within the drilled hole.

First, the cone is pulled into the large triple-tined expansion sleeve, creating a compression force. As the bolt is turned further, it advances into the threads of the expander cone, causing its sections to expand outward, engaging the base material deep within the anchor hole. The bolt and cone remain securely locked, preventing loosening even under vibrations.

The Power-Bolt anchor is designed to bring the fixture into full bearing against the base material using its flexible compression ring. During tightening, the compression ring can crush if needed, ensuring a tight and secure fixture against the base material. The internal bolt of the Power-Bolt is removable and can be reused within the same anchor sleeve. This feature makes it suitable for applications such as mounting machinery that may require periodic removal for servicing, as well as for temporary applications like heavy-duty formwork.

Simpson Strong-Tie Sleeve-All® Sleeve Anchor - Convenient pre-assembled anchors designed for use in all types of solid base materials. They offer expansion capability and are available in various styles, including acorn, hex, rod coupler, or flat head. This versatility allows them to be applied across a wide range of applications, providing reliable anchoring solutions.