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AFT has a wide variety of common place hammers and specialty hammers. Riveting hammers have a flat face and cross pein used for driving rivets and beating metal. Tack hammers, also known as upholstery hammers, are lightweight hammers used to secure upholstery to furniture frames. Tinner's hammers, or setting hammers, are used on both straight duct and fittings. Rock picks, or geologist's hammers, are used for splitting and breaking rocks in the field to determine it's composition, bedding orientation, nature, and mineralogy. Drywall hammers have a wedged head that is notched for nail pulling and drywall scoring; the head has a checkered design used to drive nails and dimple drywall. Shop our online selection or contact us today for a custom quote. Our knowledgeable sales team is available to help.

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