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Wrenches are used in many specialized situations. AFT specialty wrench options include HVAC and refrigeration wrenches, core barrel wrenches, internal pipe wrenches, lineman's wrenches, drum wrenches, tank wrenches, refinery wrenches, suckerod wrenches, flange wrenches, and bung wrenches.

  • Refrigeration wrenches have ratcheting action on both sides and are specifically designed for the HVAC and refrigeration industries.
  • Core barrel wrenches help remove coring samples taken for environmental, mineral exploration, and soil sampling purposes on construction and drilling sites.
  • Internal pipe wrenches grip the inside of a pipe or fitting for the removal of pipes with broken threads, plugs and fittings.
  • Lineman's wrenches are open ended wrenches that are used on pole line hardware such as pole steps.
  • Drum wrenches and bung wrenches help open and close bung plugs and tighten drum facets on industrial drums.
  • Tank wrenches are used for welding tanks to fit valve stems and gas connections.
  • Refinery wrenches are used for multiple purposes in the petrol industry. It is a combination pipe/valve wheel wrench.
  • Suckerod wrenches are also used in the petrol industry to break rods and coupling joints.
  • Flange wrenches are designed to work on treaded flanges in the petrol industries, with pins that easily fit into bolt holes.

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