Spot Weld Drill Bits

Effectively drill into the spot welds of various types of applications including auto body panels with our specialty automotive spot weld drill bits. Choose the type, style, size and finish you need for your application. AFT carries spot weld drills that are made in the USA by Norseman Drill & Tool. Spotweld drills are sold both individually and as assorted spot weld drill sets. Contact our experienced sales team if you require assistance with spot welds or other drilling accessories. We're here to help!

Types of Auto Body Spotweld Drill Bits

Super Cobalt HSS Spotweld Drills

This tough, high-performance drill is useful for efficiently cutting auto body spot welds. Cobalt comprises 8% of this high speed steel drill resulting in elevated red hot hardness levels which permit the drill to operate at 30% higher speeds than standard HSS drills. The gold surface treatment adds durability and lubricity. Cobalt Spotweld drills are available in two point styles. Heavy-duty spur point drills are able to cut through the weld on one panel while leaving the second panel clear of marks. Modified point cobalt drills, in addition to being chip resistant, penetrate slightly into the second panel.

Titanium Nitride M42 Cobalt Auto Body Spotweld Drills

Titanium nitride (TiN) coated M42 cobalt steel spotweld drill bits are designed for drilling high-strength, high alloy steel which is common in the automobile industry. The TiN coating adds lubricity and lengthens tool life. Recommended drill speed for this drill when tackling tough materials is 490 RPM.

Carbide Titanium Aluminum Nitride Auto Body Spotweld Drills

AlTiN coated drills are specially designed to cut spot welds from difficult materials, specifically boron steel. The AlTiN coating improves lubricity especially when drilling in high-temperature, tough operations. The recommended drill speed for this bit is 900 RPM - 1,000 RPM.