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Spring pins (also called roll pins or tension pins) are self-retaining mechanical fasteners that secure two or more parts of a machine together. The spring action of the pin allows it to be compressed while being inserted into the hole, then assumes the diameter of the hole. Spring pins are an economical replacement for taper pins, straight pins and set screws, and can simplify the product design while offering durability and strength. They can also serve as a rivet, dowel, hinge pin or cotter pin in many applications. Stainless steel spring pins are commonly used in electronics and the food industry. Type 420 stainless is magnetic and more corrosive-resistant than standard steel spring pins but will rust before the non-magnetic type 300 stainless steel. Additionally, black oxide coating offers a decorative finish that also reduces glare and reflection and makes the surface of the fastener smoother.

As a spring pin supplier, AFT Fasteners carries a large selection of standard and metric slotted spring pins. Our pin size offering ranges from 1/8” in diameter up to M12, and lengths up to 4”. We also have thousands of products not currently listed on our website, so if there is a size or style needed for your application, please contact us - our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

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