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Square End Mills

When you require a perfectly square corner on your milling application, reach for a square end mill. Also known as flat end mills or flat cutters, square end mills are available in several specialized styles suitable for every stage of the milling process. Begin your cut with a course pitch flat cutter and progress to a medium and then fine pitch cutter. Double end mills increase your cutting options with a single tool, while lengths ranging from stub length to extra, extra-long allow you to select the correct length for a variety of situations. Choose a versatile 2-flute cutter for efficient chip removal or a multi-flute mill ranging from 3 to 12 flutes to achieve a smooth finish.

Flat end mills are constructed of M7 high speed steel, solid carbide, or M42 or PM30 cobalt. Carbide and cobalt mills are considerably harder, more rigid and resistant to heat generated during the milling process. They can also be run at faster speeds than high speed steel mills. Square end mills can also be coated with a variety of ceramic coatings that reduce wear and friction which results in increased speed and tool life. AFT's offering of professional-quality flat end mills are made in American by HTC. Use the filters to the left to find your perfect tool today!

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