Step Drill Bits

Turn to AFT for a large selection of step drills, which are sometimes referred to as unibits or ultra bits. These cone-shaped drill bits are comprised of multiple sizes, or steps, and usually used on thin or softer materials such as sheet metal, plywood, particle board, acrylic and laminate. The stepped design allows the user to create a wide range of hole sizes with a single bit. They have the added advantage of being able to ream or deburr a hole as well. Choose from a variety of step drill styles including 3-flatted shank, quick release shank, Titanium Nickel (TiN) coated and black oxide coated drills.

AFT offers step drill bits and step drill bit sets crafted in America by Norseman Drill & Tool as well as selections made by Lenox Tools. Contact our knowledgeable sales team with any questions regarding drilling accessories. We're here to help!