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Choose between an offset and straight handle, AFT carries the striking wrenches you need to tighten large flange fittings such as those encountered in oil and gas pipeline construction as well as to loosen frozen or rusty nuts and bolts. Striking face box wrenches, also known as hammer wrenches, feature a closed, reinforced boxed end and a square, heavy handle that is durable enough to withstand repeated hammer strikes that supply the torque required to turn the fastener being worked. When the handle needs to clear adjacent fasteners, you'll want to reach for an offset handle striking face wrench. Otherwise, straight striking fence wrenches with either a 6 or 12 point recess will suffice. AFT carries a wide selection of industrial-grade striking face box wrenches in both SAE and metric sizes that are made in America by Martin Tool. Let us help you find the wrench you need today!

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