Surface Preparation Wheels

These non-woven surface preparation wheels are great for cleaning steel, aluminum, stainless and non-ferrous metals, stripping rust and paint, and eliminating discoloration caused by welding or cutting. The Type 27 depressed center wheels are used with an angle grinder. They will not rust or oxidize, and are designed to prevent snagging and tearing. The non-woven abrasive wheels can be used with water or solvents and available in three abrasive grades.

Gray – Ultra Fine Grade – Made from silicon carbide grain and primarily used for polishing metals, marble, aluminum, and wood.

Maroon – Fine Grade – Made from aluminum oxide grain and primarily used to clean, blend, and polish metals and stainless steel.

Black – Coarse Grade – Silicon carbide grain used for heavy-duty stripping of rust, paint, epoxy, fiberglass and stone.

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