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Taper Length Drill Bits

Taper length drill bits, sometimes referred to as long jobber drills, have a longer flute and overall length than standard jobber length drill bits, but are shorter than extra length drills. They are specifically useful when drilling deep holes or in applications requiring extra reach. AFT carries several styles of taper length drill bits manufactured in the USA by Norseman Drill & Tool. Stock up on taper length drill bits from AFT today!

High Speed Steel Taper Length Drill Bits

With a 118-degree point, HSS taper length drills are suitable for a variety of general purpose mild drilling applications requiring longer than standard length drills. They feature a straight shank and are available in fractional sizes from 3/64" to 1-3/4", #1 - #60 wire sizes and A-Z letter sizes. Drills through 1" diameter are given a bright finish, while flutes over 3/4" in diameter are surface treated.

Automotive Series Taper Length Drill Bits

General purpose HSS taper length drill bits feature a 118-degree split point and a tang drive. The drills are surface treated, and are offered in fractional sizes from 1/8" to 3/4". While not the same, these automotive tang drive taper length drill bits can serve as substitutes for taper shank drills when used with select split sleeve drill drivers.

Heavy Duty Parabolic Flute Taper Length Drill Bits

Though they can be used for a variety of applications, parabolic flute drills are best suited for deep hole drilling. The parabolic shape is applied along the length of the bit, and it allows the drill to penetrate faster than standard flute drills because it efficiently directs shavings or chips to the surface. This action greatly diminishes the need to retract the bit to clean out the hole. The parabolic shape combined with the extra length of the taper length drill bit and a 135-degree split point, makes these drills suitable for heavy duty, deep hole drilling applications. Parabolic taper length bits are available in fractional sizes from 1/8" to 1/2". Choose either titanium nickel coating or the more common black oxide finish.

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