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When you need to fasten wood, particle or composite materials together and wish to maintain a flush surface, T-Nuts might be the fastener you need. They have a long, thin body with a flange on one end, giving it the appearance of a “T” when viewed in profile. The flanges of T-nuts often feature serrations on the prongs that are designed to dig into a wooden work piece as the bolt is tightened from the opposite side, providing better retention.

T-Nut / Tee Nut Styles

Tee nuts for wood are available in two styles, 3-Prong and 4-Prong. The 3-Prong Tee Nuts are used for fastening harder materials, such as metal to wood, particle board or plastic, as they minimize splitting of the mating surface. 4-Prong Tee Nuts are generally used for hard or soft woods.

As a t-nut supplier, AFT offers both bulk and small package sizes with thread sizes ranging from 6-32 up to 3/8-16. Please contact us if you can’t find the exact product required for your application as we don’t have all our products currently listed on our website.

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