Threaded Studs

A threaded stud, or double threaded bolt is a steel bolt that is typically threaded on both ends. The stud is then screwed into a metal surface and placed between two objects, and then secured with a nut on the opposite end of the bolt. Threaded studs are normally stronger than a standard bolt because they are forged and cast into shape from a solid piece of metal. They are commonly found in the manufacturing, construction, and plumbing industries. There are a few different types of threaded studs including fully threaded, tap-end, and double end.

A193 B7 Double Ended Studs (B7 Studs)

ASTM A193 is a fastener specification covering alloy and stainless steel bolts and threaded studs for use with flanges, valves, pressure vessels, and fittings for high temperature and high pressure service.

Types of Threaded Studs

Fully Threaded

Fully threaded studs, also known as continuous thread, end-to-end or all thread studs, are threaded from end-to-end, have no head, and have a higher tensile strength compared to threaded bolts. These studs are often used in applications that entail high tension for flange bolting with two nuts applied. Use fully threaded studs to reinforce base structures or with electrical installations. Most thread studs are available with both right and left hand thread directions to comply with your application.

Tap-End Studs

Tap-end studs have a short thread on one end, called the tap end which is threaded to a Class NC5 or Class UNC-3A fit. The tap end is used for screwing into a tapped hole. The opposite end, called the nut end, is threaded with a Class UNC-2A fit and is usually longer than the tap end.

Double-End Studs - Double Threaded Bolts

Double-end studs can have equal or unequal length threads on each end with chamfered points and frequently used for flange bolting. Both ends are threaded to a Class 2A fit.

Custom Manufactured Threaded Stud Capabilities

AFT’s in-house manufacturing and plating facilities allows us to provide custom threaded studs per our customer’s request. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

Diameters ¼” – 4”

Lengths up to 20 ft

Materials: Low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, carbon steel ACME, grades 55, B7, B17, 304 & 316 stainless steel (other materials are available).

Finishes: Plain, Manganese Phosphate, Black Oxide, Zinc, Zinc Nickel, Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Chromate, Cadmium, Copper Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Passivated, and Xylan (other finishes are available).

As a supplier of threaded studs, AFT carries a large selection of standard sizes, materials, and finishes; however we specialize in custom threaded studs. Our in-house manufacturing and plating shop allows us to manufacture your threaded studs to your specs. Please contact us today for more information.