Toggle Anchors

Steel toggle anchors, or drywall butterfly anchors, are fasteners specifically used for hanging items on hollow walls such as drywall. They consist of a threaded bolt and a spring-loaded wing toggle that closes for passage through a hole, and once through, springs open to prevent the bolt from slipping back through. By bracing against the wall, the toggle wings spread the weight of the secured item over a large area and hold the fastener securely in place. AFT offers traditional 2-part steel toggle bolt assemblies as well as individual toggle wings which can then be paired with a machine bolt for installation. Toggle anchors with a zinc finish are available in lengths up to 6" and four head styles -- flat, round, truss and acoustical eye. You can find bulk steel toggle anchors at AFT as well as small package quantities.

How to Install Steel Toggle Anchors

1. Drill an appropriate-sized hole through the base material.
2. Thread bolt through the fixture to be fastened and then through the wings. While holding the wings closed, insert bolt through the pre-drilled hole until the wings spring open.
3. Firmly pull back on the bolt assembly to hold the wings in place while tightening the bolt. Be careful not to over-tighten.

How to Remove Steel Toggle Anchors

1. Unscrew the bolt until the toggle wing falls off. It will remain inside the wall cavity.
2. Remove the anchor, spackle, and touch up the hole.