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Security Screws

Tamper proof, or tamper-resistant, screws provide an added level of protection against vandalism, theft or other tampering threats with a drive design that prevents removal with ordinary screw drivers. Security screws are available in sheet metal, self-drilling or machine screw threads. Choose from a variety of drive styles including Spanner, Pin Head and Socket Pin Head, Torx, Opsit Reverse Thread and Tri-Wing, also known as triangular recess. Stainless steel security screws are most commonly manufactured; however, AFT also offers a few brass security screws with machine threads.

Tamper-Resistant Screw Head Styles

In addition to innovative drive styles, tamper-proof screws are designed with specialized head styles that add either to the appearance of the screw when installed or to the security value of the screw. With a range of head styles, you are sure to find the perfect tamper-resistant screw for your project.

The low-profile of pan head security screws offers added strength due to its high-edged crown and large diameter head that spreads the bearing load across a broad surface area.

Truss head tamper-resistant screws offer added protection against vice-grip removal due their low-profile, sloped head design. The large diameter of the truss head lends additional strength to the fastener.

Gently-rounded oval heads can be used in countersunk applications. The unique head style offers a deep recess but slightly protrudes from the surface so as to be visible.

Flat tamper-proof security screws can be countersunk into soft materials or driven flush with metal surface materials. They offer a clean, uncluttered appearance.

The most commonly used head style for general purpose applications, round head security screws feature a high crown with a deep recess. Its head diameter is smaller than both the pan and truss head screws.

With a low-profile, and therefore a shallow recess, button head screws are suitable for general purpose applications.

Tamper-resistant security screws must be installed and removed with special tools designed to coordinate with each drive style. Browse our Security Tools & Kits for the correct matching tools required. Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help with any questions or if you need to request a quote for custom plating on your security screw order.

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