Tamper Proof Screw Drivers & Bits

Security fasteners provide an added level of security with a drive design that prevents removal with ordinary screw drivers. Tamper-resistant security screws must be installed and removed with special tools designed to coordinate with the drive style. Screwdrivers for security screw installation are offered in various quantities. Individual drivers are sold with a single bit, while driver sets include five or six bits in an assortment of sizes. Replacement security bits can also be purchased. Socket pin head security screws require a special pin-in hex key. AFT offers these individually or in kits of assorted sizes. Security screw kits offer the most versatility, as they come with a sampling of the most common security screw sizes and head styles as well as the matching drivers with coordinating bits required for the screws. If you have trouble locating the correct security screw removal tool, please contact us and let our knowledgeable sales staff assist you. We're here to help!