Cable Ties

Cable ties are commonly used in the electrical industry to secure bundles of cables and wires. As a leading wholesale distributor of standard electrical zip ties and specialty nylon, metal and stainless steel cable ties, AFT provides our customers with a huge selection at great prices. Easily filter the tensile strength, length, color and material you need for your application. Can't find the exact cable tie you need? Please contact us for a custom quote.

Air Handling Cable Ties

Air handling cable ties (zip ties) are commonly used in ducts, plenums, hung ceilings or below raised floors. The mounting hole style secures and positions wire bundles, cables, etc. to surfaces with one mechanical fastener. AFT’s 6/6 nylon air handling cable ties are UL Listed, which means they are suitable for use in air handling spaces (plenums) in accordance with the Section 300.22 C and D of the National Electrical Code and Rules 12-010 (3), (4), and (5) and 12-020 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1. Meets UL 1565 low smoke generation, low heat release and mechanical strength test.

Beaded Cable Ties

Reusable beaded cable ties are inexpensive, releasable wire ties that are easy to install and reuse. The beads lock and release through keyhole slots and are effective for bundling and reinstallation of wires and cables. They do not require a setting tool, and are available in natural nylon 6/6 and black UV nylon 6/6.

Calibrated Cobra Cable Ties

Calibrated cobra cable ties offer a visual inspection of the bundle diameter to prevent under or over tightening. The calibrated zip ties are lighter and are designed with a smaller head compared to standard cable ties. The indicator marks are made with laser engraving and will not rub off like traditional hot stamp films.

Chassis/Button Cable Ties

Commonly used with heavy equipment, automotive, and truck applications, the chassis wire ties feature a quick mounting one-piece design that securely attaches the bundle to the chassis while still allowing removal prior to tightening. The two-sided strap allows the zip tie to be inserted into the head in either direction.

Cobra Cable Ties

The low-profile cobra cable ties are commonly used for wire harnesses, confined spaces, control panels, marine hoses, playgrounds, construction, appliances, and safety equipment. The tamper proof prawl located under the wire tie’s head makes it inaccessible when bundled, and the flexible head design allows the head to easily flex around the bundled wires or tubing. Cobra cable ties offer increased safety because the remaining tail slips back into the head of the tie leaving no exposed sharp edges that would otherwise snag or cut cables, products and users.

Colored Cable Ties

Available in 13 colors including red, green, pink, and orange, AFT offers a wide range of colored cable ties, which are the preferred option when needing to distinguish cable and wire bundling applications. Our multi colored zip ties range from 4” through 14.5” in length in 18, 40 and 50 pound tensile strength with additional options available.

Double Loop Cable Ties

The double loop cable ties feature the ability to secure two bundles or attach cords to a conduit run or surface.

Halar Cable Ties

Orange halar cable ties feature low smoke density and high flame resistance and are ideal for plenum areas where smoke generation is a concern.

Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

Heat stabilized cable ties perform effectively in high temperature applications to 221 degrees F. The working temperature range of standard cable ties is -40 degrees F to 185 degrees F.

Identification Cable Ties

These identification cable ties allow wire and cable bundles to be fastened and identified at the same time. They are available in a few different designs with either the id tag being internal or external and either vertical or horizontal to the wire tie.

Mil-Spec Cable Ties

Mil-Spec ties conform to MS #3367.

Mounting Hole Cable Ties

Mounting hole cable ties allow the tie to be attached to the mounting surface with mechanical fasteners (such as a screw), and the bundling can be done before or after screwing the clamp in place.

Polypropylene Cable Ties


Polypropylene cable ties are relatively unaffected by variations in moisture levels due to non-hygroscopic material and have increased acid resistance compared to nylon 6/6 zip ties.

Push Mount Cable Ties

With a push mount zip tie you can achieve the goal of one-step fastening. The push mount portion of the wire tie is located outside the head of the plastic tie and can be pushed into a predrilled hole which locks it into place. The push mount tie design is offered with or without wings.

Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable cable ties offer the perfect solution for those applications requiring reuse or reinstallation of a cable tie. The one piece construction with a releasable feature designed as part of the head of the tie allows for consistent performance and reliability. The pawl style has an extended thumb tab whereas the tab style has a longer horizontal tab feature.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are great for heavy duty jobs, especially when standard nylon cable ties cannot handle the extreme conditions. The stainless ties provide maximum tensile strength and are excellent for chemical, heat and corrosion resistance. Choose from ladder or spring style stainless steel ties with lengths ranging from 6 inches through 30 inches, for securing a variety of bundle sizes.

Standard Cable Ties

Available in natural 6/6 nylon or black UV 6/6 nylon, these standard plastic zip ties come in lengths ranging from 4” through 59” with tensile strengths up to 175 lbs.

Tefzel Cable Ties

Aqua-Blue Tefzel cable ties feature resistance to radiation, flames, UV light, chemicals and high temperatures.

Tote Box Cable Ties

Tote box cable ties restricts your bundle diameter to ¾’ to prevent over-tightening and allows for easy access for cutting devices. They are ideal for tote box closures, tamper evident security, temporary bundling, and security ID tags. These tote box cable ties are RoHS compliant.