Canvas & Knit Gloves

Canvas and string knit gloves are useful for general purpose hand protection against dirt, slivers, chafing and abrasions when performing light duty tasks. Made of cotton or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers, the thin gloves offer good protection as well as dexterity, though aramid fiber gloves also offer a heat and cold barrier along with cut resistance. Some options feature PVC dots or coatings for enhanced gripping ability, strength and protection. Coated fabric gloves are usually manufactured from cotton flannel with nap on one side. By coating the unnapped side, either the palm or the palm and fingers, with a nitrile, latex or polyurethane coating, the gloves are upgraded to tough, slip-resistant gloves that also offer protection from cuts and chemicals. Special attention should be paid to the cuff style when selecting wholesale safety gloves. Gauntlet cuffs protect the wrists and forearms while elastic cuffs hug the wrists to keep debris from entering the gloves and hold the gloves firmly in place.

From general purpose chore gloves to banded cuff hot mill gloves, AFT has got you covered with a full line of quality canvas and string knit safety gloves from Boss, the oldest glove company in America. Contact us today with questions or for a competitively priced quote on wholesale safety gloves. We're here to help!