Carbide Blades

Wood cutting carbide saw blades offer effortless, long-lasting, clean cutting for a variety of your construction needs. Sizes range from 4-3/8” through 12” meeting the size requirements for circular saws, cordless trim saws, table saws, slide miter saws, and miter saws. Carbide blades are great for framing, form cutting, fine finish cuts, ripping, heavy-duty fine finish, cutting plastics, laminate floors, and general purpose cutting applications when using the correct blade.

Silver Lightning carbide tipped blades from Mercer Abrasives feature laser cut noise reduction anti-vibration vents, which reduces noise and vibration while stabilizing the blade. They produce a smoother, cleaner cut and longer blade life. The laser cut heat expansion slots allow for the carbide blade to expand due to heat build-up, which helps provide and accurate and controlled cut. You’ll also find a laser cut arbor and laser cut kerf allowing for consistent rotation and an accurate cut. Silver Lightning provides the quality and durability you require for both industrial and lighter applications.

Shop our selection of blades for your circular saws, cordless trim saws, table saws, slide miter saws, and miter saws at AFT Fasteners. We have just the products you need for your wood cutting needs. As always, please contact us if you need assistance finding a product not listed on our website.

Tooth Configuration for Carbide Tipped Blades

ATB – Alternate Top Bevel

HI-ATB – Higher Angle Alternate Top Bevel

TCG – Triple Chip Grind