Centering Clamps

Centering clamps from Kipp are a type of clamping device used in machining and assembly processes to hold workpieces securely in place. These clamps are designed to center the workpiece precisely and ensure accurate positioning for machining or drilling operations.

Kipp centering clamps typically consist of two main parts: a clamping element and a centering bushing. The clamping element is used to hold the workpiece firmly in place, while the centering bushing provides a precise location for the workpiece.

The centering bushing is typically mounted on a movable plunger that allows the bushing to move up and down, providing a precise centering action. The clamping element is then used to secure the workpiece against the centering bushing, ensuring accurate positioning for machining operations.

Kipp centering clamps are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different applications. Some models feature a quick-release mechanism that allows for fast and easy loading and unloading of workpieces, while others are designed for use in high-temperature or corrosive environments.

Overall, centering clamps from Kipp are a reliable and efficient clamping solution for a wide range of machining and assembly applications.