Cut-Off Wheels

A cut off wheel, also known as a cutting wheel, is designed to be used with a high-speed cutter, such as an angle grinder, circular saw, portable circular saw, or die grinder. The abrasive wheel makes fast, clean cuts in steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous metals. Made with tough aluminum oxide, heat-treated aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide abrasive grain and double-reinforced with high strength fiberglass, these cutting wheels provide a fast, sturdy cut.

AFT offers a wide range of cut-off wheel sizes, from 4” diameters for angle grinders through 20” diameters for stationary saws. Many of the wheel sizes offer different abrasive materials, such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, to provide the correct abrasive for your metal, asphalt, masonry, plastic, or stainless steel application.

AFT Fasteners is here to help with your cutting applications so please contact us today if you can’t find a particular part.

Type 1 vs Type 27 Cut-Off Wheel

The most common profiles for bonded-abrasive cutting and grinding wheels are a flat wheel (Type 1) and a depressed center wheel (Type 27). The biggest difference between Type 1 and Type 27 wheels is that with Type 27 wheels, the spindle that secures the wheel is recessed in the depressed area, allowing you to grind on flat surfaces.

Type 1 vs Type 27 Cutting Wheels