DeWalt DFD270SK - Single Shot Fully-Automated .27 Caliber Powder-Actuated Tool - Deluxe Kit (Qty. 1)

12.52 LBS
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DeWalt DFD270 Spec Sheet

DeWalt DFD270 Spec Sheet 

The DFD270 .27 Caliber Fully-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool is designed for structural use in commercial steel and concrete applications. The nailer drives both 8mm and .300” head fasteners and clips in lengths of 1/2” – 2-7/8”, as well as 1/4” threaded studs. It is powered by a standard .27 caliber (short) safety strip load. A power dial allows for adjustment within .27 caliber load colors. Tool-free disassembly allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The DFD270 tool features automatic piston return and load indexing between fastenings, making it ideal for high-capacity commercial applications. Kit includes tool, Single Shot nose piece, cleaning kit, spall guard, and kit box.

Features & Specs

  • Drives into concrete and steel substrates for application versatility
  • Adjustable power settings for application versatility
  • Automatic piston return and load advancement for fast application speed
  • Tool-free disassembly for easy, onsite cleaning and serviceability

General Application & Uses

  • Interior and exterior framing
  • Mechanical installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Insulation and surface preparation
  • Concrete forming


  • DFD270 Fully-Automatic .27 Caliber Powder-Actuated Tool
  • DFD2705 Domed Driver Piston
  • DFD2702 Single Shot Nose
  • Spall Guard
  • DFD2704 Cleaning Kit

Other Details

Calculated at Checkout
Product Type:
Powder-Actuated Tools
Tool Length:
Tool Weight:
7.1 lbs
Pin Length:
1/2" - 2-7/8"
Load Type:
.27 Caliber Load Strip
Power Level:
Brown (2), Green (3), Yellow (4), Red (5)
Manufacturer Part #:
Package Quantity:
Tool Body Material:
Engineered Plastic & Steel
Package Size:

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