Eye Bolts

Check out our huge selection of eyebolts, which are commonly used in the lifting and rigging industry. Available in many different style options including open, plain pattern and shoulder pattern. Choose zinc-plated steel eye bolts when you need minimal corrosion protection or 304 stainless steel eye bolts for excellent corrosion protected - even when the surface is scratched. Whether you need a machine lifting eye bolt, nut eye bolt or screw eye bolt, AFT Fasteners is you trusted eye bolt supplier.

Machine Lifting Eye Bolts

Also called machinery eyebolts or lifting bolts, this type of forged eyebolt is fully threaded and used for rigging, anchoring, pulling, pushing, or hoisting. Shoulder eye bolts can be used for angular lifting up to 45 degrees, however the lifting eye bolt capacity will be reduced significantly. Hoist rings are recommended for angular lifting. Eye bolts without shoulders (plain pattern) are fully threaded and are for vertical lifting only. They are manufactured to meet ASME B18.15

Nut Eye Bolts

Also called routing eyebolts with nuts, these eyebolts are designed for through-hole applications, such as routing wire or other light duty jobs. They are NOT recommended for lifting applications. See machine lifting eye bolts for lifting applications. Manufactured to ASME Design Specification B30.26 and "rated capacity" refers to a straight (0 degree) pull. Pulling at an angle can reduce the rated capacity significantly.

Screw Eye Bolts

Also called routing eyebolts or screw eyes, these eyebolts are designed with a sharp point to mount directly into wood. They are NOT recommended for lifting applications and should only be used in light-duty applications