Floor Pads

Maintaining and refinishing wood floors, concrete floors and ceramic tile takes a lot of work. That's why AFT carries a large selection of floor maintenance pads, in-between pads, and buffer pads.

Maroon between-coat finishing floor pads lightly scrape the finish to allow better adhesion for the next finish coat. Made from non-woven synthetic fibre, the ¼” pads are an economical choice that can be used wet or dry. Choose between a 16”, 18” or 20” diameter finishing floor pad.

Non-woven edger pads are used for polishing and buffing wood and tile floors as well as a cushion between the machine and sandscreen discs. Available in 7” or 8” diameters with or without a hole.

Search our great selection of floor maintenance pads for Square Buff, Clarke, Deva, Silverline, and Floorking floor sanders. Diameters range from 12” up through 21” for the round sanding pads, and 18” x 12” or 24” x 12” for the square sanding pads. Floor pads can be used for many applications such as polishing and buffing floors to heavy stripping. See below for the color coding descriptions.

Ultra-high speed floor maintenance pads feature non-woven synthetic fibre impregnated with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grain. They have an open web design and thick construction for durability. These high-speed pads can be used wet or dry and gives the “top-shine” or “wet-look” appearance many desire. Diameters range from 15” up to 21”.

For additional flooring products, try floor sanding rolls, floor sanding belts, floor sanding sheets, floor sanding discs, floor sanding edger discs, floor sanding screens, floor maintenance applicators, hardwood scrapers, files for hardwood scraper blades, and steel wool reels. Please contact us today with any questions or to request a quote for products you don’t currently see listed on our website.

Color-Coded Floor Pads by Application

Floor Pads for Squar Buff

White: For polishing and buffing with a light mist

Tan: For dry polishing

Red: For dry buffing, spray buffing, and light scrubbing

Green: For wet scrubbing

Black: For heavy stripping

Floor Maintenance Pads

White: For dry polishing/buffing or with fine water mist to ensure a high gloss. Can also be used as a cushion between machine and sandscreen or a double-sided sanding disc.

Red: For dry buffing, spray buffing, and light scrubbing

Green: For wet scrubbing

Blue: For cleaning prior to recoating and general-duty scrubbing

Black: For heavy stripping

Hi-Performance Black: Extremely aggressive, open and porous pad for difficult jobs.

Ultra High Speed Floor Maintenance Pads

Rose: “Top-shine” burnishing pad/multi-purpose burnishing for all finishes

Aquamarine: “Wet-look” shine on soft to medium-hard finishes

The Hog: Synthetic and natural hair fibers – extra aggressive – quickly removes scratches and marks.