Grinding & Combination Wheels

Depressed center grinding wheels from Mercer Abrasives are available in a wide variety of abrasive materials, styles, and sizes. The high-quality abrasive wheels are internally reinforced with high tensile strength fiberglass and balanced to avoid vibration. Single grit grinding wheels give a consistent performance at any angle while dual grit grinding wheels are best option for blending. Flexible depressed grinding wheels will flex to accommodate contoured surfaces, while grinding and blending in one step.

Choose between Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Zirconia abrasive grain depressed center grinding wheels. Please refer to the Grinding Wheel Guide below for assistance choosing the correct grinding wheel for your application.

When choosing a grinding wheel, another option is the Type 27 depressed center combination pipe cutting and light grinding wheels, which were designed with ¼” width to allow the operator to cut and lightly grind without changing wheels. These dual-purpose abrasive wheels are for use on ferrous metals, fiberglass, metal, non-ferrous metals, plastics, steel, and stainless steel for cutting, light grinding, weld deburring, and dressing.

Type 27 vs Type 28 Grinding Wheels

Type 27 vs Type 28 Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheel Guide

Grinding Wheel Guide
Style/SpecsAbrasive MaterialApplictionAdvantages


Aluminum OxideFerrous Metals, Steel, Structural Steel, Rebar, Iron Pipe, Bar Stock, Metal TubingGood value. Hard wheel. Long-lasting
A24SAluminum OxideFerrous Metals, Steel, Structural Steel, Rebar, Iron Pipe, Bar Stock, Metal TubingGeneral purpose wheel for metal. Most common formula.
AT24RHeat-Treated Aluminum OxideNon-Ferrous Metals, Stainless Steel, Alloys, Ferrous MetalsHeat-treatement of grain makes this a high-performance aluminum oxide wheel. Great value.
AZ24TZirconiaStainless Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, AlloysSelf-sharpening grain. Lasts longer than aluminum oxide.
AC24RAluminum Oxide with Silicon CarbideAluminum and Soft MetalsGrain combination prevents loading.
C24SSilicon CarbideBrick, Block, Concrete, Natural and Artificial StoneGeneral purpose grinding wheel for masonry.