Hammer Drive Anchors

Hammer Drive Anchors, sometimes referred to as nail or pin drive anchors, consist of an expander drive pin and an expansion sleeve. Once the anchor is placed into a pre-drilled hole, the nail or "pin" is hammered into the anchor causing it to expand and wedge itself into the concrete or masonry forming a tight fit. A male type anchor, hammer drive pin anchors are available in inch or metric sizes. The pin material of most hammer-set anchors are crafted of zinc-plated steel, Zamac alloy or stainless steel, while the expansion sleeve can also be made of nylon.

Hammer Drive Anchor Brands

You'll find a variety of anchors from Powers Fasteners, Mungo and other trusted vendors on the AFT website, and you can purchase hammer drive anchors in bulk or small package quantities. Should you need some assistance or a quote for custom fasteners, simply contact us. We're here to help!